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Hen night dares

For an easy to print version of the 10 dares to take with you on your hen night




   Guest List   Blag

This is a good one for the club trip later on in the evening. If it works out you can save some cash too! The task is to blag it in to the club with 1 other by pretending to be on the guest list. Use any tactic you like, but it might be cheating to point out you are a hen queen!

   Hot Hot Hot    Scorchio!

You're sitting down to eat, you are standing in front of the kebab van.. The dare is this - to eat the HOTTEST dish on the menu. The lucky hen can bid for the hottest dish they can bear, and as a reward they get free drinks all night - they might need them afterwards.

   Blinding   Spotted!

We all like to spot a celebrity while we are out and about, so what better game to play than to pretend you have! To complete this dare you must go up to someone who you think is some kind of ringer for a celeb and ask for their autograph, when they think you're completely mad pretend you are short-sighted and make your excuses.

   Easy Tiger  Ouch!

This is a tough one, but could be quite entertaining if anyone pulls it off - it's simple - the winner is - the first girl to bite a stranger on the leg - anyone in shorts would be good.

   Thirst On   Freebie

We all get thirsty when we are out, and as saving cash can only be a good thing, why not see if you can get a kind bloke to buy you a drink - mentioning it's your hen night might be helpful here!

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