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Hen Party Dares
Liven up the hen night with this selection of fun hen night ideas.

A hen night is a night of fun for everyone so its a good idea to start with evening with a few ice-breakers. Most hen party's start in some kind of drinking establishment, so after a drink or 2 pull one of the easier dares out and work your way up - it may be necessary to be quite drunk [] to get the outrageous ones under your belt. As seen on TV


There is one golden rule, everything else is flexible - that is that you MUST give each dare a go as best you can in respect for your Hen Queen. If you are not comfortable doing something then don't, and don't force your friends to either.  

   The Pinch    Cheeky!

Best after a few drinks - Pick a guy without a partner [Important] for your hen queen or hen friend, then they must approach from behind and pinch that rear - when he turns round be ready with the "Sorry I thought you were someone else" line.

   Powder Room   Door?

OK, you've had a few drinks [too many most likely] and need to powder your nose. This one might take some persuasion, but the task is to use the WRONG toilet to take that leak. TIP: Best to post a guard at the door though!

   Hairy Chest  Gruff

Who will be the first hen to persuade a helpful bloke to let her rub her face in his hairy chest - come on now, if it's your go you can't let the side down now can you!

   S'il Vous Plait  Pardon

Now who was good at French at school - this one's for them. Le task is to order a round of drinks in a foreign accent. Pretend to be French, German, Italian, American, the choice is yours. Be ready for giggles all round while the bar person wonders what the joke is!

   Lippy Challenge   Ruby

Points galore for this one - to be played by everyone. The challenge is to get as much lippy on the face of a stag as possible without him realising, the best way of doing this is of course with a kiss on the cheek. Best to avoid beards and unusually tall people. The hen with the least convincing effort gets the drinks in, with a cocktail for the best performer.

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