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Seeing some crazy outfits at an Adonis Cabaret Show

Dressing Up

Fancy Dress? Special Outfit?

You asked for it! We found it !

We are constantly looking at ways in which to improve our web site . After months of painstaking research it turns out that you just like to dress up!

A hen night is that once in a while opportunity to dress outrageously and just a little daringly. The most popular outfits are police women, schoolgirls, brides, the list goes on..

We have found the perfect web site! All the kit you need at the right price! All mail order!

Hen Nights Accessories

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Dressing up gives everyone a chance to let their hair down and it keeps the fast paced party together. You can be more outrageous in a group. It isn't Kelly dancing on the table - it's Sister (Nurse not Nun) Kelly, or Bunny Kelly!

The Bride to be must be the centre of attention. Make sure she is clearly visible, tradional attire is white veil, tiara, garter and of course the L plate, but you can always go for something a little more daring. 

Fur Bunny Set
Bunny Kellys

Diamante Tiara 
Tiara princesses

Tinsel Halo
Tinsle Halos

White Feather Halo

Large net wings with marabou trim
Angel wings

But what are the rest of the party going to wear? You can be a group of horny devils, frisky bunnies, wicked angels or maybe the bride has a job you can parody!

Sexy Nun
Naughty nuns

PVC Sexy Nurse

Decide which best reflects your personalities. All wearing the same outfit will make it easier to keep together when the partying starts.
Police Woman Hat 
Click here for hats

Sometimes just wearing an outrageous wig is all you need to get rid of those inhibitions.

Short Bob wig
Click here for wigs

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